Simon is a Director and Co-founder of The Demographics Group based in Melbourne, Australia.

Simon holds degrees in geography from leading universities in Berlin and Melbourne and worked for several years as a business consultant with KPMG Australia.

In 2017 Simon, with Bernard Salt, co-founded The Demographics Group. The group provides specialist advice on demographic, consumer and social trends for business.

Simon has presented to numerous corporate and industry audiences across Australia and overseas on demographic trends, consumer insights and cultural change in Australia.

His presentations and quirky observations are enjoyed by groups from the financial services, property, government, education, technology, retail and professional services industries, among others.

Simon is a columnist for The New Daily newspaper and a contributor to The Australian newspaper and he is a media commentator on demographic and data matters.

Simon has amassed 300,000 global followers on social media, reaches over 25 million people every month and ranks as one of the world’s Top 10 influencers in data visualisation. If you can’t get enough of data that explains how the world works, make sure to follow him on Twitter or any of his other social channels.


What are the big demographic shifts that are shaping the consumer market, the tax-paying market, the retirement market in China, in the United States, in Canada, in Nigeria?

Only The Demographics Group can offer bespoke demographic data visualisation on global markets delivered in an engaging narrative by experienced speakers.

  • Where is the bachelor hotspot in Manhattan?

  • What is the outlook for the labor market in Japan?

  • How has life expectancy changed in the UK?

  • What is the Trumpification Effect?

  • Why should you invest in Australia?

  • Where are the global immigrant fault lines? 

To find out more email or phone The Demographics Group to see how we can add value, impact and insight into your global conference.

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